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Lydia - a booklet of coupons to the Aqures Ixen Starlight Food Festival
Sephiroth - A battle knife with a copper insignia
Akane - a book on basic workshop skills
Ira - A portable, collapsible lunchbox that Ales built himself
Mary - a brown jacket that will help her blend into the crowd
Parasraya Purana - A box of English breakfast teas
Levy - An atlas with information on the major cities of the world.
Jade - A top hat

A knitted hat and a bottle of wine (Lucrecia)
Ales gets a framed picture of himself standing tall, where Lydia had taken it around the Festival of Light. It's slightly from below, as he was standing on crates at the time, and looking determined and not-quite-heroic. It was wrapped very very carefully. (Lydia)
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Player Name: Nara
Preferred Pronouns?: she/her
Player Contact: [ profile] mutanthairything
Other characters in play? N/A

Character Name: Ales Mansay ("The Magician")
Canon: Rayman Origins
Game Transplant: Melodies of Life
Original App:
Game Summary: Characters from other worlds (canon and CRAU) were transported to Crystallis, a world based on Final Fantasy mythology. A legend was foretold that the Heroes of Light would save the world from the Calamity, which turned out to be a force of death created by the Ancients in their desire for immortality and regularly destroys the universe that grows back thanks to a system put in place, and with each cycle, the new group of imported Heroes only temporarily destroys it. Through investigations, events, and NPCs (Professor Palitutu and her former pupil Kalki in particular) the Heroes learned the truth about the cycle and sought a way to save Crystallis once and for all. Partway through their endeavors, Kalki obtained ultimate power and made herself a god. In the Ruined World, the Heroes finally confronted her, ended the Calamity, and saved the world.

How long was your character in Game: nearly 3 years (plus five during the time skip)
History of Character in their Game:
A detailed summary of Ales' three years (8 including the timeskip) can be found here

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?)
Ales' trajectory towards becoming a better person was a spectacular failure of an attempt, sometimes getting better only for an event or a person to cause him to burry his mortality deeper into the ground. By the end, he was more angry, exhausted, and confused as to what to do with himself.

Understands electricity and other modern marvels
Feels more conflicted on whether reaching out to people or staying at arm's length is safer. He enjoyed Ellie's friendship but the devastation that came from her crystallization hurt him. In addition, he felt that being too soft hearted only lead to disaster and terrible consequences
Screw politeness
How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?): Ales is eight years older (no counting the 28 years spent as a crystal statue), but he hasn't changed much appearance-wise. His cloak is all black, having had Lydia Deetz introduce him to higher quality goth clothing, and he looks more tired from his rollercoaster of an arc.
Melodies of Life gave the Heroes a crystal that would hold up to 10 Jobs, and two could be used at a time. Certain combinations yielded Advanced Jobs (Magitek Knight + Engineer = Mecha Pilot, Scholar + Blacksmith = Alchemist, Programmer + Engineer = Hacker) and as Ales mastered all ten he owned, he had access to the Onion Knight's abilities.

He usually used the scientific Jobs like Engineer and Scholar, and thus received a constant boost of INT in everyday activities. He's worked a lot with designing engines running off of crystal power and has the capacity to quickly learn other, advanced technologies.

The list of Hero Jobs and their abilities are found here. In addition, he has a Limit Break that activates when his health is low, allowing himself to escape from battle.

As the Archfiend of Wind, Ales had access to the Calamity Knight job, which made him very powerful, and the ability to use a Black Crystal on himself to turn into Tiamat. Essentially, he can become a boss fight.

Initial Testament Permanently increases all stats tenfold and prevents flinching.
Initial Narayana's Blessing Permanently allows the use of two skills per turn.
Initial Negative Aura Disables Limit Breaks for all of the enemy party.
Initial Hell's Judgment Summons dark energy and focuses it into a blast (splash damage).
Initial Heartless Angel Reduces the target's HP to 1 (splash damage).
Initial Fulminating Oblivion Severe non-elemental attack on the entire enemy party.
Initial Dark Ascension Restores 30% of max HP (self).
Initial Death Instantly kills the target (60%).
Initial Possession Takes over the body of the associated Hero of Light currently in denial.
Initial Narayana's Curse Turns into a Calamity Monster (requires Possession first).

Before being brought to Crystallis, Ales was already an expert inventor...

He was able to trick the heroes of his canon into working for him, partially by using their established trust and by playing as a cheery, off-beat merchant...


Crystal - orb shaped and completely blue
FFXV Cellphone
Flying contraption
Tarutaru disguise
Armor painted ominously black (thanks Albel)

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One:
Sample Two:
Sample Three:

Notes: Anything else?
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Ales woke up in a void, immediately after his Flying Fortress exploded and he was thrown to the ground. A red crystal floats before him, and as he reaches out and grabs it, a voice (which eventually is revealed to be the missing Queen Sarah of Aqures Ixen) gives him one command: "Wake up." He finds himself dressed in a Blacksmith's overalls and a Scholar's Robes in the Temple of Fire of Aqures Ixen. And he has no clue what is going on.

The Moogle that was assigned to him, the timid Mimi, and the others are late, so he chats with the new arrivals. In particular, he shares his theory that he's in some sort of afterlife with Kobato (Kobato), making her cry, and forms a sort of rivalry with Yuffie Kisaragi (FFVII) but not before working together to steal some normal clothes and Gil from a nearby house. Eventually, Mimi arrives by barreling straight into Ales and knocking him over, then explains what's happening. A legend fortold that the Heroes of Light would arrive to Crystallis and stop the Calamity that will destroy the world. What is the Calamity? Why them? How are they to stop it? No one knows.

However, there was one strange thing everyone soon noticed about the world - they ran into natives of Crystallis that looked exactly like people from their canons (and if they weren't human, they were the Final Fantasy race that resembled them most). Ales found a tavern waitress that looked just like the Great Fairy Betilla, his only friend in the Glade of Dreams.

Ales eventually settles into the government-provided housing and meets the NPCs in their charge: Biggs and Wedge, who are in charge of the military and government, and Jessie, a Tarutaru who worked with research. Ales is interested in the latter (and the Dr. Cid she mentions, who is currently imprisoned by the Heran Empire), so he quickly gets his airship license and becomes a pilot, hoping to start his life over without everyone knowing he was a villain. Among the characters he liked were Sephiroth (FFVII) for his serious attitude about his work and Ashe (FFXII) as the unofficial leader of the Heroes. In addition, Bloom (Winx Club) reminded him of Betilla, and that made him immediately fond of her.

In September 2014, he and the other Heroes are sent to investigate the abandoned Majitek facility, and he and a small group were teleported into the bathroom. Ales fell into the sink, and the team decided to split up. However, they found that agents from the Heran Empire had infiltrated, and while they tried to fight them off, one of their group was killed and the enemies escaped with the four Black Crystals, and they worked for someone in the Heran Empire named Lady Kalki.

It was then revealed that the dead soon reappear as crystal statues near the Crystal of Fire and return to the living after two weeks. However, some Heroes suddenly turned into statues for no reason. Snow Villiers (FFXIII) wrote a mass letter that theorized that they were all cursed by the Fire Crystal, and they would all turn into crystal eventually. There was general unrest among the group, and even Ales was concerned about the feasibility of living on Crystallis.

Come October, several Heroes started regaining their canon abilities, but as time went on they grew sick, and those with all their canon abilities died, Bloom included. Moogles were being attacked, shutting down the postal system, and some Heroes had their crystals stolen, and on the 31st, the Fire Crystal was in danger of exploding. The living Heroes were lured into the forest, where the dead Heroes were trying to enact a ritual. Ales fought Snow, sending him to crystal stasis, and by the end they found that those working on the ritual were brainwashed and manipulated by a Moogle in a Black Mage hat.

Jessie spoke of a time when the Crystal of Fire did explore, killing everyone in the now-ruined city of Aqures Tosf. She feared the same could have occured here.

The next month, Ales helped in the efforts of locating this Moogle. He bribed a well-known merchant, O'Aka XII for information, and ultimately they captured the culprit, named Mograma. They had him imprisoned and learned he was under the orders from Kalki to steal crystals and enact the ritual in order to test something with the Black Crystals.

In January, Heroes appeared in the Temple of Fire as usual, but a few days later characters from their worlds appeared as crystal statues. Ales found Betilla among them, and a few hours later, they all disappeared. With little time to mourn, the Heroes were called to aid Esdham, which was under attack from the Heran Empire. Ales fought against the armies' reinforcements and disable teleporters, and they successfully defended the city.

In February, the Heroes learned that this month's batch of newcomers appeared in the Heran Research Facility by the Crystal of Earth - along with the Heroes captured in last month's battle. Someone had sent them a dream that a force "stole" the Heroes and a vision of testing on the Heroes' crystals, turning them black. Ales was not among the group that stormed the building and rescue them, but he was among the group that searched the imperial city for clues. He went on a tour of the science facility and learned about using crystals as an energy source. Here, he got to know Chiaki Nanami (Dangan Ronpa) as a fellow tech nerd, who he talked to about research and how computers worked. She was the one to introduce him to video games, though he thought of them as trite.

When they all convened after the March mission, the rescue group told them they found Dr. Cid among the prisoners and escaped on his airship Enterprise. Oh, and they ran into Kalki who told them the Heroes and Calamity were one, then kick-started a crystallization that spread through the lab. Everyone who appeared in the lab or who met Kalki had their crystals turned white. From then, the crystallization, which the Heroes referred to as The Calamity, slowly spread around the world for nearly the rest of the game and became the main target for the Heroes.

Among the prisoners was Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice the animated series). He had a favorable opinion towards her solely due to their similar tastes in dark clothing, but Lydia was so polite and - rare for a human - did not gawk at his appearance upon meeting him. She told him of the Neitherworld and her home, and Ales found himself enjoying her company. While he did not talk of his own general mistrust and dislike of heroic figures, Lydia became the one person he actively sought to care of. If he had to do something immoral, he wanted Lydia to be alright.

He also got to meet Johnny D'Amico (Original Character, Exsilium CRAU), who showed him his solar powered electric guitar. Ales dreamed of creating a system of "electricity" and wanted to learn about this fascinating technology, specifically in how to convert crystal energy into electricity. He met Mary Read (Assassin's Creed) who created an Assassin's Guild on Crystallis, to which Ales was invited to. He respected her position that there are difficult decisions and tasks that only some people are prepared to take, and he looked up to her as someone to trust, as she wasn't "blind" with idealism and a lax attitude. He would join meetings to discuss various going-ons and eventually take on a few missions together.

Soon after, the Heroes fell asleep and found themselves living the lives of other Heroes of Light. Ales dreamt he was Rayman, working with other Heroes (played by characters in the same canon) to retrieve a Black Crystal. However, Dycedarg/Ramza betrayed them and took it for himself, turning into a horrible monster and killing everyone, Rayman/Ales included. When he woke, he found a letter from Kalki explaining that this was a memory of a previous Hero of Light cycle. Their spirits became part of Crystallis and they were reborn and natives that resembled them - Doppelgangers.

In May 2015, the NPCs called a meeting to explain what they learned. There was political talk Ales didn't care for, but he was interested in the science of the crystals. They are dug from the earth and made from the planet's energy. When reverse engineered, they produce a highly toxic blue liquid that turns into mist, which is also what monsters are made from. This is how he learned why the Alchemist Advanced Job could turn monsters into crystals.

Late that month, he and nearly all the other Heroes were transported to an alternate dimension where they relived their worst memories. Ales did not have one of his own, but he traveled to others' include Henry (Fire Emblem Awakening) and Chiaki's. At one point, he found himself in a mysterious garden that was attended by an equally mysterious girl. She said she was the one who brought them here, and he showed Ales a giant crystal floating above. When he woke up in the real world once more, he found himself in real life with several days having passed.

In the earlier meeting, they learned that Hera was planning to attack Aqures Ixen in July. Heroes prepared for war, evacuating civilians, and seeking intel. Ales prepared an airship fleet, and on the day of attack he fought against the Imperial Airship Fleet. However, early in the fight, he was caught in a dilemma - either have a downed enemy airship crash into the castle or shoot it away and have it crash into the airport district. Ales would not let either important area be destroyed and flew his ship into that, killing the onboard crew and having the debris spread out. Some landed on residential housing, killing the few that remained in the city.

He was not involved in the rest of the fight, but when he was revived, he was no where in Aqures Ixen. Rather, he and the others were transported 28 years into the past. The city was saved, but Kalki appeared in front of the Crystal of Fire to speak with the Heroes. Rather, she was cryptic and told them that she would show something important.

They were found by a young Princess Sarah, who had escaped her room in the ruined city of Aqures Tosf (ruined in the future, that it), and explained that today was the Festival of Light and everyone around the world was coming to visit. In a few days, the last day of the festival, the Crystal of Fire would explode. The Heroes investigated this past area, and Ales work a costume to disguise himself as a native Tarutaru - it consisted of a cloak, a mask, and black gloves.

He ran into a young Dr. Cid, who was arguing about the feasibility of airships with another researcher. He was looking for a young girl that he often took care of - Princess Sarah. Later, he visited a technology display which held a model of the Ultima Weapon. Sephiroth explained that the Heran empire invaded the city with it on the last day, and a group of Heroes disabled it before Kalki appeared, and gently acknowledged him on making the difficult decision to kill the airship crew to save the city's important districts. On the last day of the festival, monsters invaded the city, and it stumbled into chaos. Ales went to the library/research area with a group that wanted to save any documents. They ran into Deweg, who had two eyes, and in the fight, Cloud Strife (FFVII) took out his eye. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. The Crystal of fire had exploded, turning the Heroes of Light into crystal statues and killing the natives that could not escape.

They remained like this for 28 years, until the Moogles got a note from Kalki that their missing Heroes were here, and Dr. Cid rescued them on his airship. The Heroes that were at the Crystal explained that "Jessie" was actually the Professor Palitutu that was researching something forbidden who was mentioned in Kalki's journal that was found months ago. She stole the name from another of her students and was the cause of the crystal of fire exploding. Kalki tried to stop it, but she was frightened by the Heroes and were convinced they were harmful. She fell into the hole beneath the Crystal and disappeared. Palitutu (and her lackey, Artemecion the head of the Moogle post system) engineering events to restart the cycle and bring out Garland's (king of Hera) role as the Guardian of the Cycle. In Aqures Ixen, an injured Biggs and Wedges said that Palitutu stole Ultima Weapon, injured soldiers, and escaped.

Ales wasn't sure how to feel. He was angry at himself for falling for the same tricks he played in his canon - put on the mask of a friendly NPC while using them to further his plans via sidequests and feeling that he knew what was best. He didn't know Palitutu's motivations, but he wished he could have spoken with her more. While many Heroes were angry, he just wanted to get to know her better.

Shortly after, a new batch of Heroes arrived, included a psychologist Parasraya Purana (Original Character). She was an reincarnation of Kalki, who everyone else presumed dead, though Ales did not know this at the time. He expressed an interest in visiting her in the future. Around this time, hidden documents were found on Palitutu's computers - reports, new Jobs, new technologies - and Ales joined as a part-time researcher to decode them.

The summer went by...interestingly. He and many other Heroes experienced a 10-hour timeloop on September 25th 191 times due to an accident with Palitutu's computers, and Ales' loop began with Dr. Cid's coffee about to spill on him. He spent that cursed time angry and upset with Moogle strikes until he joined Mary Read on hijacking an airship and flying it to Hero to investigate the terrain. The Thirteen Moogles once again tried to revive King Moggle Mog in October, and Ales piloted an airship as the Heroes fought a giant marshmallow Moogle. The city was saved, though now coated in sticky sugar.

Now came what could be called Ales' closest friend - Ellie/Elsa von Spielberg (Quest for Glory). A leader of a band of brigands, she hoped to take over the local barony of her homeworld, and while Ales grew close to her initially out of respect, they began to share their stories and sympathized with one another. They both believed that they could lead their homes better than the current rulers, they both didn't feel sorry for criminal acts they believed were necessary, and Ellie understood his grief with being born with no magic ability. The two became trusting partners, and she became the person Ales grew the most attached to. Lydia was a girl he enjoyed spending time with; Ellie was a woman that he opened up to.

And he worked with her schemes. She came up with a curse that would strike particular residents and PCs that they deemed "unreliable" - those they believed weren't doing any "useful" work to saving the world. The potion kind of backfired and targeted too many people, but Ales was given immunity. He also was the one to meet with black market alchemists to create the potion. Ellie formed a brigand group comprise of similarly amoral characters, and on New Year's Eve, they forwent the party to storm the Imperial Prison and release political prisoners in the hopes one of them was an Avatar, a manifestation of the Calamity. They found Narasimha, who ended being the Evil One of the group (which they didn't know at the time).

Earlier that month, some of the Heroes spoke with the Sage, who didn't want to reveal all of the secrets of the universe. After they pleaded with him insistently, he decided to show them the Bad Future where he told some of their group the truth of the Calamity. In two years, the crystallization took over the world, and Ales was among those on the dark side. His group...

- Trying to find Palitutu, once caught Mograma but Palitutu threatened to blow up the city and no one wanted that
- Bad Future and Ales feels like he can't be too trusting
- The Answer, Ellie is still the best and she promises to take him home
- Diamond Weapon
- Murders and Ales last hope in believing in the others burns away
- Palitutu's Ultimatum
- Hacked Ultima Weapon while everyone fought. Died because he was standing right below it when it exploded and his body was flung across the field.
- grumpier and everyone, especially now that Ellie is gone
- Leads an expedition to kill the cult. He does some tomb robbing
- Shadow
- preparing for ultimate battle
- Garland and Knights of the Round
- Revenge of the Kalki
- Saori picked him up and threw him like a football because he was the only one who could pilot the airship
- The Archfiend years
- Battle and stuff
- He's in hiding and Lydia offers to take him home.
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Levy McGarden - book on the local wildlife of Aqures Ixen
Sephiroth - green hairbrush
Chiaki Nanami - electronics and soldering kits
Graham Specter - a cheap bicycle. Have fun taking it apart
Zelda - Handmade Christmas wreath
Bloom - a hairband with fake flowers and an image of a fairy attached to it
Lydia Deetz - two rolls of fabric: one red and one black. There's also a small sewing kit.
Johnny D'Amico - special cloth for cleaning shiny metals
Sparks Nevada - horse treats
Ellie - a hooded cloak
James Kidd - a spyglass

Bonnie the Moogle - bag of Kupo caramels from Mimi the Moogle

Ellie - small pair of custom crafted leather gloves to fit his number of digits
Lydia Deetz - two black cloaks
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like dislike neutral

Sparks Nevada
A reliable warrior and police officer, but it turns out he's a loser.
Yuffie Kisaragi
Oh, I thought she was okay when we first met and stole some stuff from an empty house, but now she's deliberately trying to get on my nerves. ANNOYING.
Parasraya Purana
She helped sort out my feelings after that vision. One of the people I'm sure I can trust.
Doesn't have much in his brain, but oh is it quality! At least he knows that sacrifices must always be made. And we seem to get along!
Lydia Deetz
Smart girl with excellent taste in fashion. She was the only one I trusted for a while after that vision, but I have to stay close to her so "that" doesn't happen in this timeline.
He's...interesting? I need to know more about him before I make a solid opition.
An idiot. Creative ideas, but an idiot.
Turns out she's a fairy! Even if we end up on opposing sides, I don't want to hurt her too much.
A kind young lady, who I enjoy speaking to. Very organized.
She's pretty smart and focused on what's at hand. Don't know what she is, though.
Johnny D'Amico
A good musician who also wishes to see more technological advances in this world. Also, he has a solar-powered device!
Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
I respect her as a leader, but I still don't know much about her.
Well. There goes a pillar of the community.
Chiaki Nanami
Focused too much on goofing off and playing those games of hers. But turns out she's a being that lives in a computer, so it kind of makes sense. One of the more responsible and sensible Heroes I met.
Levy McGarden
A magic user, but on the other hand, she's brilliant. I don't know if I feel safe around her after she swore she wouldn't do anything she did in that vision.
Nice kid. Though pretty naïve, which makes sense at her age.
I can trust her. That "Elsa" in the vision wasn't her. She's the same brilliant spy as before.
Rukia Kuchiki
She's...trustworthy. Smart, a good fighter, but was scaring me to death twice really that necessary?
Pro: another Hero who isn't human. Kind of a grump, but that's fun. Con: uncooperative when it comes to solving murders
Mary Read
Great at coming up with plans, and a good partner to hijack airships with, but I'm concerned that she's keeping an eye on me.
Graham Specter
Annoying a good portion of the time, but he can he a helpful presence when needed.
Ryoji Kaji
Looks like there are people here I can trust. He knows what sacrifces mean.
Edward Grayson
I like this guy. We should talk more often.
Only the coolest Hero around here. He's always got a plan in mind, and the best for plotting strategy with.
Malik Al-Sayf
Trustworthy in the sense he'll get the job done. I'm sure he'd be against what I did.
Santa Claus? Angry fellow who I'll let get hit a few times before helping him out.
A hero that actually knows what he's doing? Amazing!
Twilight Sparkles
The least trustworthy. Potentially cam ruin all of our plans and still consider herself better than all of us. Just as bad as Polokus.
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Back tagging: Yes
Thread hopping: Yes
Fourth walling: He gives out gameplay tips in his canon, so minor video game related things would be okay.


Hugging this character: Sure.
Kissing this character: If he knows you very well, he'd be okay with it. Otherwise, please contact me.
Flirting with this character: You can try. It's going to be awkward.
Adult Content with this character: No.
Physical Harm: He sometimes deserves to get hurt, so physical comedy or minor injuries is totally fine!
Fighting with this character: Ales is going to decline and/or run away, so unless he has access to any machines that will do the fighting for him, no.
Killing this character: Ask me first
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Contact me first.


Sep. 6th, 2014 10:38 pm
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Name: Ales Mansay
Age: 33 (now 35)
Gender: Male
Canon: Rayman
Canon Point: After the ending of Rayman Origins
Link to Application: Over here
Link to Permissions: Here
Moogle Name: Mimi
Moogle Gender: Female
Onion Knight: 3 maxed jobs since July 2015

Has: 1 Ruby Crystal, 1 Poison Module, O'Aka Loyalty Card (3/10), Experience Orb (Bought in October (0 months)), Blacksmith (Strength)

ACTIVE JOBS - Equipping Magitek Armor, has Crystal Knight nodifications
Onion Knight Stats Transfer - Thief (stealth/speed), Magitek Knight (Defense),
Initial Puppet Master Gives control over a puppet of Ancient design.
One Month Tools Can use a multitude of working tools as weapons in battle.
Two Months Leg Aim Inflict damages to the legs of an enemy, preventing movement (40%).
Three Months Arm Shot Inflict damages to the arms, preventing weapon use and spell casting (25%).
Four Months Repair Allows to restore health to the damaged puppet.
Six Months Seal Evil Petrifies monsters of the dark element or belonging to the undead class.
Nine Months Role Reversal Switches the health of the puppet with that of its master.
One Year Deus Ex Automata The puppet will always take a killing blow instead of its master.

Initial Code Master Visualizes coding line into concrete images.
One Month Scan Gets detailed files and data about enemies or people encountered.
Two Months Attack Routine Inputs a program that materializes and deals damages to the enemy.
Three Months Healing Program Inputs a program that materializes and moderately heals an ally.
Four Months Screens Allows to materialize a multitude of screen and control them by touch.
Six Months Digitize Converts weakened enemies into computer programs to store them away.
Nine Months Virtual Shielf Programs a virtual shield protecting from enemy attacks.
One Year Deus Ex Ordinatra Allows to materialize small programs such as keys, tools etc.

Hacker(Advanced Job)
Initial Hacking Makes it possible to hack into Ancient devices.
Engineer Maxed Digital Copy Creates up to three digital copies of you or your puppet.
Programmer Maxed Holograms Allows to create holograms of files.
Final Deus Ex MAchina Allows to control your devices and your puppet with the mind.

Initial Magic Bullet Shoots elemental bullets (fire, water, ice, thunder).
One Month Runic Absorbs the next magical attack and moderately heals thanks to it.
Three Months Stasis Sword Channels energy through the gunblade to inflict damages (all enemies).
Six Months Firewall Automatically casts fire spells to enemies when attacked.
Nine Months Electrostatic Channels energy through the gunblade to inflict damages (all enemies).
One Year Judgement Inflicts extreme non-elemental damages to all enemies.

Initial Smithing Knowledge to craft weapons and armors.
One Month Magic Hammer Reduces the magic might of enemies.
Two Months Tool Blast Hits all enemy with an energy blast.
Four Months Hammer of Gaea Smashes the earth and unleashes an earth attack on an enemy.
Six Months Synthesis Can merge weapons together or with other materials.
Nine Months Thor's Hammer Unleashes a powerful electric attack on all enemies.
One Year Crystal Infusion Can infuse the power of the Crystals into armors and weapons.

Initial Libra Allows to see an enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
Initial Mad Scientist Casts a buff on an ally (+ 25% speed, agility, attack, magic or defense).
One Month Fast Reading Reads and memorizes books three times faster than a normal human.
Two Months Stats Lore Doubles the effects of items and buffs.
Four Months Enlightenment Doubles the attack power of all allies.
Six Months Elemental Tomes Casts an elemental attack on an enemy (earth, wind, light or darkness).
Nine Months Flare Very powerful non-elemental attack spell (single target).
One Year Translator Can understand any language, written or spoken.

Initial Steal Steals an item from an enemy.
Initial Flee Allows the character and teammates to disappear from battle.
One Month Burgle and Buff Raises attack by 25% when successfully stealing an item.
Two Months Larceny Steals status buff and protections from the enemy.
Four Months Shake Down Steals an item from all enemies at once with a 25% success rate for each.
Six Months Borrowed Time Freezes an enemy in time for thirty seconds (does not work on bosses).
Nine Months Life Thief Steals life energy from the enemy and uses it to heal (mid).
One Year Master Thief Steal rare items and Crystals from enemies.

Initial Particle Thrower Emits a positronic ionized stream of proton energy to attack the enemy.
One Month Dark Light A black flashlight revealing all that is invisible.
Two Months P.K.E. Meter A devices reading and tracking signs of paranormal activities.
Three Months Containment Unit Allows to capture and store ghosts away.
Four Months Power Surge A burst of energy quintupling the strength of the proton pack for ten seconds.
Six Months Dark Matter Generator Creates exotic particles that can absorb energy from supernatural entities.
Nine Months Radio Communication A radio allowing Ghostbusters to communicate between them.
One Year Atomic Destabilizer Converts solid matter into ghostly entities.

AIRBENDER (12 Months)
Initial Aerokinesis Bends the Air element to the user's will.
One Month Air Punch Compresses air that can be fired off the fists (or feet).
Two Months Aero Blade Uses strongs bursts of winds such as blades to attack the enemy.
Four Months Cushion Creates an air cushion to break anyone's fall and safely jump any distance.
Six Months Bending Control Allows to disable the powers of those using Bending Jobs (except Master Bender).
Nine Months Thanatokinesis Kills weaker enemies instantly.

Initial Aura Sensing Concentrates to sense the power of darkness or presence of evil.
One Month Hylia's Prayer Improves an ally's resistance to physical attacks.
Two Months Goddess's Blessing Grants a weapon the holy property.
Three Months Zelda's Gift Heals mid wounds on an ally and raise a barrier equivalent to the health restored.
Four Months Divine Maaterialization Summons a sword or bow and arrows enchanted with light magic.
Six Months Evil's Bane Banishes evil entities, monsters of the dark element or undead into the Rift.
Nine Months Cloud Barrier Clouds enshroud an area, hampering enemy attacks and making retreat easier.
One Year Nayru's Love Releases a triangle-shaped bolt of pure light magic at a single enemy.

Initial Aim Increases eyesight and accuracy to sniper levels (five minutes)
One Month Barrage Allows to chain-shoot arrows.
Two Months Piercing Arrows Gives armor-piercing properties to projectiles.
Three Months Venomous Shot Shoots a magical arrows (may inflict poison).
Four Months Heavy Shot Focuses to shoot a very powerful attack.
Six Months Camoflauge Shrouds the allied party in mist to hide from the enemies.
Nine Months River of Blood Doubles damages inflicted by projectile weapons.
One Year Bandanna Automatically materializes ammunition and reloads after shooting.

One Maxed Job Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Maxed Jobs Multi Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.
Five Maxed Jobs Equipment Lore Can equip and use the weapons and armors of any mastered Job.
Seven Maxed Jobs Double Exp Doubles the exp obtained every months for all equipped and unequipped Jobs.
Eight Maxed Jobs Stats Transfer Takes on the stats, strengths and weaknesses of three maxed out Jobs.
Nine Maxed Jobs Ten Skills Allows to pick and use ten skills from any maxed Jobs.
Ten Maxed Jobs Melodies of Life Awakens the true power of the Heroes of Light.

Initial Mix Merges items to create different ones.
Scholar Maxed Crystal Maker Allows character to create crystals out of dead monsters.
Blacksmith Maxed Mastery Improves the quality of forged or synthesized creations.
Final Miracle Worker Can create legendary metals out of iron and steel.

Initial Giant Robot Gives access to an upgraded mixture of Magitek Armor and Puppet.
Engineer Maxed Flight Module Allows the giant robot to fly.

Limit Break: Escape the Dance
Based off of this ridiculous sequence in Rayman Origins.
A funky disco beat appears out of nowhere, and Ales begins to dance, encouraging party members and any other willing bystander to join in (or just stare in confusion). The enemies are unable to comprehend all this sweet dancing and flashing lights, and ones it's over, they are unable to move for 5 minutes, and all party members get their magical points restored.

Link to HMD: Glou glou
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